Chicago Blackhawks 75th Anniversary Commemorative Sculpture at the United Center on Madison Street .
Chicago Illinois
Unveiled October 12, 2000

Six life-size bronze players representative of different eras in this "original six" hockey team's storied past skate out of the wall.  Stainless steel ice below,
5 foot  tall bronze triad above and 12' X 9" X 5" monumental black granite pedestal with over 800 sandblasted names of every hockey player ever to play for the team between 1926 and the present day on the back of the monument.
The development of this sculpture involved several trips made by the marketing staff and management of the Chicago Blackhawks Hockey Club to the studio and numerous meetings with management while creating the concept and design. It has proven to be a very popular piece of public art. There have even been weddings conducted in front of it.