Testimonials and Other Writings
"Realistic Sculpture can, of course, be quite moving.  The Marine Corp War Memorial, depicting the raising of the flag on Iwo Jima, has endured as a symbol of strength that because of the identifiable character traits it evokes.  But it has little of the quiet strength that emanates from Erik Blome's sculpture of Rosa Parks sitting on a bus seat.  That sculpture, in the Rosa Parks Library and Museum in Montogmery, Ala., invites people to sit on the bench next to Mrs. Parks.  Nearly 50 years after Mrs. Parks was arrested, even schoolchildren for whom the concept of waiting for public transportation is as foreign as  a rotary-dial phone with a party line, can begin to grasp the determination that it must have taken for her to refuse to be humiliated, said the museum director, Georgette Norman.  
That ability to transcend its time ensures that a memorial will continue to be relevant for years ..."
New York Times October 13, 2002    
"Remembering the Little Things; Older Monuments Guide Planners of a Sept. 11 Memorial"

"Our family interviewed many sculptors across the country before we commissioned Erik Blome to create a statue of my father for the Graziadio School of Business & Management at Pepperdine University.  It was a long process, but we wanted to be sure that the statue would accurately reflect the man that was our father.
  Throughout this entire project, Erik maintained a high level of professionalism and organization and his hands-on
attitude from start to finish was very reassuring.  He always met deadlines and personally handled all aspects of shipping and onsite installation.  We were very impressed and comforted by his talent and in-depth level of attention to detail, from his getting a "feel" for my father by learning as much about him as possible, to minute details such his watch and the shoes he wore.
  In addition, Erik was a pleasure to work with...
  We cannot express our gratitude to Erik for the magnificent statue of my father and we do not hesitate in highly recommending him to any family or organization."
~Louis Graziadio (Los Angeles CA)

"On behalf of the Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute, I would like to thank you for sculpting the statue placed in the Rosa Parks Library and Museum in honor of Dr. Rosa Parks.  You were able to capture her spirit of "Quiet Strength" so vividly in this work of art.  Throughout the dedication weekend and after, thousands of visitors have already had the chance to appreciate your interpretation.....and have their photos taken in the seat next to an amazing woman....
  One of the most wonderful things about it is that it is not just a single occasion, but the museum and its contents will be there from now on, for all to enjoy!"
~Ms. Anita Peek, Executive Director
Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute for Self Development (Detroit)
Board Member of the Rosa Parks Museum and Library (Montgomery)

"One of the reasons we chose Erik was that we felt he was going to capture the emotion and historical perspective we wanted to bring to this piece.  He did a tremendous amount of research on the front end and spent a lot of time with us to make sure his art was going to represent that emotion and history....  Erik takes a special interest in his public pieces.  He's a proud artist and you can tell that when you look through his portfolio.....Erik took the time to get the details right and as we worked through the project, we realized he was very dedicated to that mission. We needed to work with someone who would dig deep and capture the emotion we were looking for.  I think that is Erik's biggest asset."
~Peter Wirtz
Owner and Vice President of the Chicago Blackhawks Hockey Club regarding the six life-size bronze hocky players at the United Center (Chicago,IL)
(as interviewed in Traditional Building Magazine)

"A beautiful bronze bust is now the focal point ...in our home....the bronze bust of my wife, which is near picture perfect in representation, but has added something of her personality which only a great artist captures and projects."
~Walter Dahl (Medinah IL)

"... Milwaukee's Dr. King on King Drive...love at first sight"   
- Milwaukee columnist Eugene Kane in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel  January 24, 2004

"It has enhanced the campus beyond all expectations. The caliber of the work and its execution enhances the entire campus...my sincere thanks..."
-James Hagemeyer, Art Department Chair on the "Essence of Liberal Arts" at Heidelberg College in Tiffin Ohio

"You have to pinch yourself...I'm still taken aback by it. It's mind-boggling...its such a huge honor.  If we can get 18 to 20 thousand people just to look at the statue as they come into Staples Center...that's what excites me!  That's what gets me going!"
-World Champion Boxer and Olympic Gold Medalist Oscar De La Hoya to Ring Magazine   December 2008